Moving WordPress from http to https – Checklist

HTTP-to-HTTPS1.  Get an SSL Certificate and activate on the site (cPanel)

2. Configuring WordPress for SSL/HTTPS

2.1   Links in WordPress (such as image attachments, themes CSS and JavaScript files) are relative to the install URL.

2.2  Change WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS. The install URL must changed from say to

Login to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Settings > General.

Ensure that the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) are https. If not, add S after http to make https and save it.

WordPress General Settings

2.3  To easily enable (and enforce) WordPress administration over SSL, the constant FORCE_SSL_ADMIN should be set to true in your site’s wp-config.php file to force all logins and all admin sessions to happen over SSL.

define('FORCE_SSL_ADMIN', true);

The constant FORCE_SSL_ADMIN can be set to true to force all logins and all admin sessions to happen over SSL.

2.4  If your WordPress site uses a content delivery network (CDN) to serve its components (images, JavaScript, CSS style sheet), ensure the URLs are all https:// otherwise your website will be deem insecure by the web browser.

To inform Google about the change in URL, re-add your WordPress site to Google webmaster tool (but this time with https://) and follow this this guide to let Google know about the change of URL.

You can check your SSL website status using Qualys SSL Labs.